Does CBD oil really work? ....seems too good to be true.

According to the Dr. Perry Solomon, Chief Medical Officer of Hello MD as reported in Forbes, August 2nd 2017  ' 42% of CBD users in their study said they had stopped using their traditional medication and 80% said they found CBD oil to be extremely effective.'
In scientific reports of March 2020 it was stated that CBD oil combined with antibiotics was more powerful when treating bacteria than antibiotics alone and less antibiotics was needed.......always a good thing.
CBD is an amazing anti inflammatory which is excellent considering most disease starts from inflammation in your body.
Your body's own Endocannabinoid system which needs CBD oil, it is responsible for regulating ;
  • Metabolism
  • appetite
  • pain
  • mood
  • immune function
  • sleep
  • stress response
  • energy
  • memory
This is why CBD is such a valuable and necessary health oil.
Last but not least, we know all our CBD oils and skin care work because we use them.  Shop our Absolute Best CBD Collection We have kept our range small and concise to ensure provenance.
Yours in health, Angie, Mark and Calum.