Do I have Anxiety?

Recently, I posted this on Instagram:



1.Leg Bouncing

2.Picking at your lips

3. Walking very quickly

4. Having two modes: GOTTA GO & WHY AM I SO TIRED?

5. Peeing! lots of peeing

6. (new notification comes in) GOTTA READ THAT NOW

7. "Am I being annoying"

8. "They hate me"


One of the main reasons people buy my CBD is for anxiety.

I’m sure everybody with anxiety recognises at least two or three of these behaviours.

 I had only got one question, which was:

Why does anxiety cause a lot of peeing?  

When you’re anxious, your fight or flight response tends to kick in. This releases hormones causing the bladder to contract, making you need to pee.


Can CDB Help with Anxiety?

I thought I’d give you a little understanding of how CBD helps with anxiety. You have receptors in your brain that are part of your endocannabinoid system. When CBD (a cannabinoid) is ingested, it works with the brain to take away the anxiety. In working with the brain, it creates serotonin, the happy hormone. When anxiety and depression have subsided, your body is much more receptive to sleep, making a much happier you.


There are three types of CBD:

  1. Isolate - used in most CBD products and sold in health food shops, and all liquid CBD products because it’s water soluble. It comes from the flower of the hemp plant and is, as the name suggests, only one isolated component of the 280 that CBD has.
  2. Broad spectrum - this is what Absolute Best is! It contains all 280 components of the plant. That’s the reason it is such a powerful tool for health.
  3. Full spectrum - this has all 280 components of the plant plus THC, the part that makes you high. This is not allowed to be sold in the United Kingdom yet.


Wishing you all the very best of health. Please get in touch if you have any health questions - I am always here to answer them.


Yours in health,